Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily Mixed Media Project

I have not been blogging and am going to remedy that and get my self into the habit of posting more often and showing my work. I decided the best way for me to get in the habit was to start a project and post my progress everyday. So begins the Daily Mixed Media Project.....
My idea is that I will start a large scale project and post my progress and pictures everyday. My thought is that this piece of art will have many layers and take around 10-14 days to finish by adding maybe 1-2 layers or elements a day, I have no idea what the finished project will be at this point. I plan to get up each day, cruise around the internet for some inspiration( I would also welcome any ideas my followers have!) then once inspired add on to my project.
Here is a list of just some of the mediums I have available to use:

  • gesso
  • Absorbant Ground
  • acrylic paint - fluid and heavy body
  • molding paste
  • masks, templates and stencils
  • fabric
  • patterened paper
  • rubber stamps
  • alpha stickers
  • Winsor Newton Drawing Inks
  • India Ink
  • rub ons
  • tissue paper
 I in no way consider myself a professional artist and have NO art schooling at all, this is all just my own thing - which will probably be obvious to any professional - but that's OK - I LOVE IT! I have never been good at following the "rules", I just like to get my hands in there and get messy, doing whatever comes into my head or my heart and out through my fingers. 
I have the first 4 days completed  before I posted this because I was not sure I was going to do it because I am a chicken. In my next post I will show you what I did the first 4 days.

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